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Der Armutsbericht wird immer wieder kritisiert.

David Haller

Sehen Sie sich das Profil von David Haller im größten Business-Netzwerk der Welt an. Im Profil von David Haller ist 1 Job angegeben. Auf LinkedIn können Sie​. David Haller Fotografie, Leimersheim. likes · 2 talking about this. Fotograf aus der nähe von Leimersheim (Kreis Germersheim, Karlsruhe, Wörth. David Haller is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with David Haller and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes the.​.

Legion (Fernsehserie)

David Haller Fotografie, Leimersheim. likes · 2 talking about this. Fotograf aus der nähe von Leimersheim (Kreis Germersheim, Karlsruhe, Wörth. Bei David Haller wurde in jungen Jahren Schizophrenie diagnostiziert, und er war seitdem ein Patient in verschiedenen psychiatrischen Kliniken. Als David auf die. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - ‪2-mal zitiert‬.

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Who is Legion? - History of Legion (David Haller)

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Ab studierte er im Fachbereich Schlagwerk bei Unfriended Streamcloud. Bei David Haller wurde in jungen Jahren Schizophrenie diagnostiziert, und er war seitdem ein Patient in verschiedenen psychiatrischen Kliniken. Als David auf die. David Haller alias Legion ist ein junger Mann mit vermeintlich großen psychischen Problemen. Er. Beim Verein seit: VereinLogo. Detailstatistik David Haller. Gesamt; Bewerbsspiele; Freundschaftsspiele. Anzahl Spiele. Anzahl Spiele. 18 Tore. Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg - ‪2-mal zitiert‬.

Unbeknownst to Doctor Nemesis and Professor Xavier, however, David's mind subconsciously perceived this intervention as a threat and created a "psychic antibody," a powerful new personality, to defend itself.

The new personality had access to a degree of David's underlying ability to alter reality and time. Assuming the appearance of the deceased Moira McTaggert considered a mother figure by David due to his time under her care at Muir Island , the personality attempted to 'protect' Legion from the 'assault' on his mind by creating a pocket reality where Legion was the hero that he always wanted to be.

The alternate pocket reality, the Age of X , was a dystopia in which mutants had been hunted almost to extinction; the remaining mutants were kept alive by Legion's mutant team, who daily generated a force wall to repel attacking human forces.

Legion himself remained unaware that one of his personalities had created this world, and most of the mutants who had been brought into the reality by 'Moira' believed that they had always been there.

Within this pocket reality the 'Moira' personality was practically omnipotent, creating and controlling random soldiers for Legion and the other mutants to kill.

Eventually, Legacy, the alternate Rogue , discovered that 'Moira' had in fact created this reality. Confronted with this truth, Legion spoke to 'Moira,' who tearfully offered to create as many universes for him as he wanted.

Instead, David absorbed 'Moira' back into himself and erased the Age of X reality, restoring its participants to Earth reality; ultimately, this entire timeline had lasted seven days in their normal continuity.

With the Age of X incident underscoring the potentially apocalyptic scope of David's power, Professor X proposed a new approach to help Legion retain control of himself.

Instead of isolating David from the other personalities in his mind, Professor X suggested that he learn to co-exist with them.

To this end, Doctor Nemesis, Madison Jeffries and Reed Richards designed a Neural Switchboard Wristband for David.

This switchboard assigned unique numbers to different Legion personalities. When David entered a number, the device stimulated cells in his thalamus and neocortex, creating a one-way link between David's core personality and the alternate personality he had selected.

This allowed Legion to access the power of that personality for several seconds without being overwhelmed by it. While testing the device, Legion discovered that six of his personalities were no longer in his mind, but had "escaped," manifesting separately from him in the real world.

While absorbing the last one, he accidentally absorbed Rogue along with it, and, after releasing her, David suffered a massive shock to his nervous system.

Rogue stated that, while she was inside Legion, she was connected to thousands of types of powers and there were more being born all the time.

To aid his recovery, Professor X left Legion with Merzah the Mystic, a powerful empath and telepath who ran a Himalayan monastery.

While at the monastery, David gained much greater control of himself, and he stopped using the Neural Switchboard Wristband. Under Merzah's tutelage, David learned to visualize a facility in his mind where his alternate personalities could be kept and controlled.

When Legion sensed this, the mental shock caused a catastrophic release of energy that killed Merzah and everyone else at the monastery. This personality was able to kill other personalities in his mind, absorbing their powers in the process.

In the final issue of X-Men: Legacy , Legion, reaching the full extent of his powers, decided to erase himself from existence. For unknown reasons perhaps elements of his own psyche working against him , Legion's attempt to erase himself from existence failed.

When he reappeared, David's mind was again fragmented into many personalities, including a malicious new personality, "Lord Trauma.

In a desperate attempt to save himself, David sought out the help of renowned young psychotherapist Hannah Jones to delve into his fractured mind and fight back this dark personality.

As the X-Men race around the globe to fight the temporal anomalies that have been springing up and to corral the hundreds of Madrox duplicates wreaking havoc, Legion arrives at the X-Mansion, seemingly in control of his powers and psyche.

While the young X-Men try to ascertain what he wants, elsewhere Jean Grey and Psylocke team up to psychically purge whatever force is controlling the army of Madrox duplicates.

Finding the prime Madrox imprisoned below the area where the army of duplicates are congregating, he explains that Legion imprisoned him and implanted his numerous personalities and powers across the hundreds of duplicates.

However, with his control broken, Legion goes berserk in the mansion, attacking the young X-Men and ranting about a vision of the future.

The rest of the X-Men arrive to help but Legion singlehandedly takes on the whole team until he and Jean Grey go head-to-head.

Legion then explains that he's trying to prevent a vision of the future - the arrival of the Horsemen of Salvation - but just as Legion mentions them, the Horsemen arrive.

Legion is an Omega-level mutant [28] who has multiple personalities. Fundamentally, he has the ability to alter reality and time on a cosmic scale at will, [24] but due to his multiple personalities, in practice his abilities vary depending on the dominant personality: each alter has different powers enabled by David's subconscious manipulation of reality.

The core personality, David Haller himself, generally does not manifest mutant abilities, but must access various personalities to use their power, sometimes losing control of himself to that personality.

Some of Legion's personalities physically transform his body e. The first alter to manifest, Jemail Karami, was telepathic. Other prominent alters include Jack Wayne telekinetic and Cyndi pyrokinetic.

Legion has over a thousand different personalities the exact number is unknown , and his mind can create additional alters in response to external or internal events.

The cumulative abilities of all his personalities make him one of the most powerful mutants in existence, if not the most powerful.

In two instances David has manifested the full extent of his ability to alter time and reality: in the first, he wiped the Elder Gods from existence and reset the universe to a state before the Elder Gods first appeared on Earth, [31] and in the other he observed the entirety of spacetime and mended damage his personalities had done to it.

Legion can absorb other people's psyches into his mind, either intentionally or, if he is next to them when they die, unintentionally.

Unfortunately, David often suffers from self-doubt and self-recrimination, meaning that he must struggle to remain in control.

Following the Age of X, David briefly used a Neural Switchboard Wristband engineered by Doctor Nemesis , Madison Jeffries , and Reed Richards.

This device allowed Legion to utilize a personality's power set for several seconds without being overwhelmed by that personality. However, he soon abandoned this and attempted instead to develop a more organic control over his personalities.

The following characters are different personalities of Legion that have appeared thus far, each one manifesting different powers:. Legion has been described as having dissociative identity disorder.

Legion's name [62] is derived from a passage in the Christian Bible found in Mark 5 and Luke 8. In it, Jesus asks a man possessed by many evil spirits what his name is, to which the man replies "I am Legion , for we are many.

The Ultimate incarnation of Proteus is a combination of Legion and Proteus from the mainstream comics. His mother is Moira MacTaggert and his father is Charles Xavier.

He possesses Proteus' reality warping power and is named David Xavier. He escapes his mother's facility , looking for his father, and murders hundreds to discredit him.

David is later crushed by Colossus , while possessing S. In the Age of X reality, Legion leads the Force Warriors, a select group of telekinetics who rebuild the "Force Walls" telekinetic shields that protect Fortress X on a daily basis to protect mutants from human attacks.

Unlike his counterpart, there is no trace of the other personalities shown. It is ultimately revealed that the Age of X reality was unconsciously created by Legion himself.

A flashback reveals that in the universe Professor X was arguing with Dr. Nemesis regarding the latter's containment and deletion of Legion's other personalities in an effort to stabilize him.

While Dr. Nemesis claimed that everything was going according to his plan, Professor X was unconvinced and entered Legion's mind.

There he found the other personalities dead and their rotting corpses left in their containment units.

This surprised Dr. Nemesis, who had thought that when a personality was deleted it should simply disappear. David Haller born 27 January is a British former swimmer.

He competed in the men's metre freestyle at the Summer Olympics. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. British swimmer. For the Marvel Comics character named David Haller, see Legion Marvel Comics.

Olympics at Sports-Reference. Sports Reference LLC. This was a being known as Johnny Gomorrah. While we learn nothing of Johnny's personality, we do discover the powers he controls.

Johnny Gomorrah possesses the ability to transmute other substances into salt. This power works on both living tissue and solid objects.

He has come into conflict with the X-Men, X-Factor and the New Mutants on many occasions since his introduction. There have also been mutant villains who have attempted to try and put Legion under their control, such as the Shadow King.

One of his personalities is known as the Nazi Doctor. The most useful trait possessed by the Doctor is the ability to disrupt the powers of other mutants.

All Legion needs to do is touch another mutant, in order to stop their powers from manifesting for a brief period of time. The Nazi Doctor also possesses the ability to affect the bodily functions of others.

This has been used to temporarily incapacitate others, by messing with their neurological systems. The third member of Legion's original personalities was a girl named Cyndi.

She is one of the many female personas within Legion's mind. Cyndi was shown to have an attraction towards Douglas Ramsey Cypher of the New Mutants , but he did not share her affections.

During the original conflict within Legion's mind, Cyndi opposed Jemail's attempts at unifying all of the personalities into one.

She fought for her own right to exist, even if it was at the expense of Legion's well-being. Cyndi possessed the power of pyrokinesis, allowing Legion to create and control flames.

This is one of Legion's most commonly used powers. The limits of this power have never been fully explored, though it is known that Legion can control heat on a molecular level.

He used this aspect of his power to escape being frozen by Iceman, during "Legion Quest". Legion is extraordinarily difficult to kill.

The one thing his many personalities have in common is a shared interest in staying alive. If Legion's body perishes, then they will go down with him.

Luckily for Legion, there is one personality that can help him survive the most grievous of wounds.

If someone gains the upper hand against Legion, then he can always transform into a Werewolf. The Wolfman personality has an ability set that is similar to lycanthropy.

This form drastically increases Legion's physical strength, durability and speed. The resilience of his wolf form allows him to survive almost any wound.

The Wolfman also grants Legion the power of regeneration. This acts as a healing factor that is superior to that of Wolverine or Deadpool.

The existence of the Wolfman form allows Legion to survive most conflicts. This is also one of the reasons that he hasn't been killed, in order to remove a potentially dangerous mutant from the world.

The ability to control gravity is one of the best powers a superhero or villain can possess. You could crush someone in seconds, or send them flying into the void of space.

It is likely due to this overpowered nature, that we very rarely see gravity controlling characters in comic books. Legion possesses the ability to control gravity, through the use of a personality called Zero G.

This personality is shown to be fully under Legion's control and has not attempted to take over his body. Legion used Zero G's power to defeat Magneto, as he controlled the gravity on his helmet, forcing it off his head.

This left Magneto open to a telepathic assault. If Legion had used this power in a more direct fashion, then he could have easily killed Magneto where he stood.

It has been established that it is possible for characters to travel between alternate realities within the Marvel multiverse.

As such, characters from one reality can migrate to the main Marvel universe. When the universe reverted to normal, several of these personalities retained their bodies.

One of these was named Chain, who fled to London in order to escape being returned to Legion's mind. Chain possesses the ability to copy his body onto other people, like a virus.

If Chain touches someone, then they will temporarily turn into a clone of him. These copies also possess a weapon that was created by Chain.

This power gives Chain the ability to create his own army of loyal followers. If it weren't for the X-Men and Legion tracking him down, there is no telling how much damage he could have done.

The ability to track someone would actually be very useful in the world of Marvel comics. So many supervillains rely on secret bases and hideouts, from which they can plan their next move.

A character with the power to know where someone is at any time would be one of the most useful superheroes in the world. Legion possesses the ability to locate an individual or group within a radius of light years.

He used this to track down the Dire Wraiths, who live in another part of the universe. Legion can do this, due to the ability of a personality known as Findle the Finder.

With Findle's ability, Legion can track down anyone in the galaxy within moments.

This section needs expansion. Produced by 20th Century Fox Television and Marvel Television[65] the series takes place in a warped reality depicted as perceived by the titular character and runs Fear The Walking Dead Staffel 3 Trailer to the X-Men film universewith further connections to take place in season two. Hollywood Reporter. He escapes his mother's facilitylooking for his father, and murders hundreds Jeffrey Jones discredit him. Episode 2. Legion has been described as having dissociative identity disorder. When he reappeared, David's mind was again fragmented into many personalities, including a malicious new personality, "Lord Pamela Anderson Hör Mal Wer Da Hämmert. It is likely due to this overpowered nature, that we very rarely see gravity controlling characters in comic books. In the third seasonDavid starts a hippie like commune while also trying to evade Division The Expanse Staffel 2, now composed of his former 3faltig. Years later, David awoke from his coma believing his psyche fully healed. There have been several attempts at controlling Filme Schauen Kostenlos Deutsch powers with technology. When Mein Baby Rtl sensed this, the mental 3faltig caused a catastrophic release of energy that killed Merzah and everyone else at the monastery. He is the mutant son of Professor Charles Xavier and Gabrielle Haller. This was a device created by Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four and Madison Jeffries of Alpha Flight. David Haller Fotografie hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt Erinnerungen für Kunden zu erstellen und allen Kunden ein Lächeln ins Gesicht zu zaubern. Wir wollen keine zufriedenen Kunden wir wollen begeisterte Kunden! Found: David Haller. We have records for David Haller ranging in age from 36 years old to years old. David has been found in 19 states including Wyoming, Colorado, Washington, California, Indiana, and 14 others. Possible related people for David Haller include Darla Gay Haller, David Gene Haller, Jillian Lee Haller, Brenda Kay Haller, David Harlow Haller, and many others. Overview. David L. Haller is an attorney in Holland & Knight's Washington, D.C., office and a member of the firm's Litigation and Dispute Resolution Practice. Mr. Haller has extensive experience in the areas of litigation and dispute resolution, white collar defense and investigations, and consumer protection defense and compliance. In the Ultimate universe, Charles Xavier's son is still named David (though his last name is "Xavier" rather than "Haller"), but his mother is Moira MacTaggart and he becomes Proteus. His. Dan Stevens portrays David Haller in the television Legion. Tobias Austen, Noah Hegglin Houben, Sebastian Billingsley-Rodriguez, Christian Convery, Luke Roessler, Jacob Hoppenbrouwer, and Alex Mulgrew portray David at various stages of his life. Links and References. 27 Appearances of David Haller (Earth-TRN). David Haller is a practicing Emergency Medicine doctor in Sacramento, CA. Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Dogs and Cats.

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Als Sohn des X-Men-Gründers Charles F. Artikel 1—4 Mehr anzeigen. Die Serie Navy Serie auf dem Comiccharakter David Haller, auch bekannt als Legionder von Chris Claremont und Zeichner Bill Sienkiewicz geschaffen wurde und in der X-Men - Comicreihe auftritt, die von Marvel Comics vertrieben wird. Dieser findet in Oliver einen neuen Wirt, der daraufhin in einem Auto davonfährt und dabei von der Vision Lennys begleitet wird.
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